Coffee Snobs

Are you a coffee snob? Some people call themselves coffee snobs and think they know a lot about coffee. So somebody put them to the test to see if they could guess the prices of the coffee they were drinking. They started with Starbucks for $2.45 then there was expensive Intelligentsia coffee for $7.00 a cup and commissary coffee at a price of $5.00. Lastly, there was 7-Eleven coffee for $1.79.

The Victor Crew

Coffee creamers

What kind of creamer to you use? Do you even use creamer? You might want to consider what you are really putting in your coffee.

Non-dairy doesn’t always mean it. It can still contain casein, a milk protein. Why is it called creamer if there is no cream? This is kind of an oxymoron. It is usually full of oils and not always good oils. Another thing to look at is the other ingredients.

Some non-dairy creamers contain trans fat. Just because it’s non-dairy doesn’t mean it won’t go bad. Be aware of the best-by date.

So why not try something more healthy like half and half, soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or even just plain milk?

Victor Crew

The Travel Mug

challenge. Will it keep your coffee hot? Will it fit in your vehicle’s cup holder without toppling over? Will it fit my hand?

This past spring, there was an Indiegogo campaign for the perfect mug. The insulation absorbs the excess heat and releases it later to keep the drink hot. The downside: the Joeveo won’t be available until next year as they need to fulfill the campaign orders first.

The mug comes in different colors and surface treatments. It is not designed to be leak-proof but will keep coffee from spilling out when walking or driving. They hold 16 oz.

The Victor crew

Coffee prices

I met with Steve, Joe, and Jody Victor at a conference last weekend and due to the travel time and not wanting to miss a single speaker it seemed I consumed a tremendous amount of one of my favorite elixirs, good ole’ black coffee. It also seemed it was a little pricier suddenly so naturally I “Googled” it to see if my observations were correct. To my surprise I found that we really are paying no more for a cup of coffee than in 1967 adjusted for inflation according to this article from Roast Magazine.

I suspect that seeking convenience with single serve brewing methods and a preference for barista-formulated confections is causing me to increase my monthly coffee allowance. But it is comforting to know that something is still priced like the good old days!

Coffee in a different way

Once in a while, the Victor crew likes to find some quirky articles or gadgets. We found one!

In Santa Monica, CA, there is a company trying to get off the ground called Warbler Coffee Roasting. They have been in business for a year and half all without a brick-and-mortar store. Their latest venture is to create a roving kegcycle. They want to make a cart to “pedal” (peddle) nitro-brew coffee.

They have tallied up their start up costs and started an indiegogo campaign. They are looking for $12,000 of a flexible goal toward their Nitro Bike. They have a little over $8000 of their goal met.