The Coffee Maker You Didn’t Know You Needed

You may have heard of Makita. They make power tools. You may have seen them in your local hardware store. Makita has ventured into making a coffee maker. They have a cordless model, the DCM500Z, already out but this is is an 18V lithium ion model.

This new one is not your typical coffee maker. The CM501DZ runs on the same lithium ion battery packs that many of Makita’s power tools run on. The largest battery pack, the 18V BL1860 is good for brewing about 5.3 cups.

That may not be much, but if you are a construction worker on the job and crave your brew, you can make coffee on the spot. They already are selling in Japan. They expect this model to popular with construction workers. But you can take it camping, on a hike, or even use it during a power outage.


Earl Grey Tea

We recently tried Earl Grey tea for the first time. We didn’t really know what it was so we found out a little more about it. Usually it is a black tea, although some companies may use green or oolong, that is flavored with oil of bergamot – a type of orange found in Italy and France. It is considered a blended tea because o f the flavoring added to it.

The original Earl Grey tea is said to have been made from a recipe presented by an envoy on his return from China according to the Twinings website. It was named after Earl Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey.

The Victor Crew