Cold Brew Research

Scientists recently took a deeper look into how cold brewing coffee works; the chemical changes; how to brew the perfect cup. They couldn’t meet as planned due to the Covid-19 pandemic so they had a virtual meeting.

They looked at the diffences in types of coffee used to see the different compounds left in the coffee. The looked at different ratios as well.

They found that caffeine contents and antioxidant levels were similar in hot and cold brewed batches for lighter roast beans but it varied more for medium and dark roast beans. They found the hot brewed coffee had more antioxidants in the darker beans. The darker the beans the more the difference. Also in the darker roast, the acidic content was less.

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Free Coffee

If you are a healthcare worker, you might be able to get a free coffee from various places in your area.
Some of the deals for coffee: Starbucks is giving a free hot or cold tall brewed coffee through May 3; Cumberland Farms convenience chain for free coffee; Paris Baguette in NYC through the pandemic.

Some places are giving away food: Krispy Kreme is offering donuts at their drive-thrus through May 12; White Castle is giving a free meal through April 30.

Other giveaways: Crocs has a giveaway of 10,000 shoes a day. You need to go to their website at 12pm ET each day and get in line for each day’s allotment; Dr. Scholl’s is donating 100,000 pairs of insoles (hospitals can email

Some areas have even more free swag for healthcare workers and you would have to look in your local newspapers or the sites of your local groups to find them.