New Goals Announced for The Sustainable Coffee Challenge

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge, which includes many of the world’s biggest brands, trading and roasting companies, announced a wide sweeping and ambitious set of climate and labor related goals aimed at making the coffee the world’s first sustainable agricultural project.

Some specifics include the removal of 1.5 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions by 2050. This would be done by making existing coffee farmland more sustainable. Some targets for 2025 include some green initiatives and labor goals such as protecting workers’ rights and to generally make coffee farming more prosperous.

The new goals from the Sustainable Coffee Challenge come from its celebration of the organizations first five years. They are managed by Conservation International, a sustainability nonprofit, and are funded by Starbucks. The Sustainable Coffee Challenge includes now 158 partners the encompass all parts of the coffee industry from trading companies, to roasters, government organizations, producer groups, membership associations, retail and others.

This announcement makes real a selection of different goals that are now more tangible than five years ago.


Frida Kahlo x Amor Perfecto Coffee Special Edition Coffee

A new pairing between the Frida Kahlo Corporation and Bogota, Colombia roaster Amor Perfecto come together to raise awareness about women coffee farmers by combining one of the world’s most recognizable female faces with one of the most popular beverages on earth.

The Frida Kahlo X Amor Perfecto Limited Edition coffee run (that shipped in November) shows off the work of award winning and women-owned and operated farms from which Amor Perfecto gets its coffee. The packaging features some of Kahlo’s self portraits as well as other iconic imagery from her paintings.

The Frida Kahlo Corporation approached Amor Perfecto as they were in search of a coffee that was worthy of Kahlo’s status as a feminist and artistic icon.

Amor Perfecto has sourced approximately half its coffee from women farmers in Colombia. The company called them pillars of their communities and that they produce some of the best coffee in the world. Amor Perfecto saw this as the perfect opportunity to raise awareness and give power to these women farmers’ voices.

The project was inspired by the fact that while Kahlo is best known as an artist and activist she was also a known coffee lover.