Are Flavored Coffees Out of Control? This New Coffee May Change Your Mind!

Pastry, candy and even fruit flavored coffees are hardly anything new—even if you live under a rock, in a cave, at the bottom of the ocean or at the North Pole you probably know someone who obsesses over pumpkin spice coffee and related beverages every fall.

Whether you are a coffee purist who wishes the flavored coffee hullabaloo would simmer down or a flavor freak who is always on the look out for something new, if you thought you had seen it all, apparently you haven’t.

Now wine flavored coffee—well, more accurately, wine infused coffee—is now a thing. Winemaker Molinari Private Reserve and coffee roaster Wild Card Roasters have come together to delight (and perhaps horrify) the coffee world with their new beverage.

The new beverage will be available in both decaf and regular and will be loaded with antioxidants.

The daring duo spent two years balancing this infusion of red wine and coffee to get the flavor just right. While the beverage can be had locally at several Napa Valley wineries, they two companies are hoping to expand availability to bars and restaurants. If you can’t make it out to California, bottles are also available for sale online.