Brewing more than just coffee

There are a lot of commercial and craft beers on the market. Many of the new beers are being infused with other flavors. We’ve seen Chocolate Stout, Cherry-Chocolate Stout, and there are certainly a lot now with our favorite brew … Coffee! The Victor Crew previously wrote about Limited Release Pipeline (porter with 100% Hawaiian Kona coffee) but there are more out there.

So what happens when you mix a stimulant (coffee) and depressant (beer)? You get Coffee Beer! Here are some of the coffee beers on the market now:

Troegs JavaHead Stout – from PA
Narragansett Coffee Milk Stout – from Rhode Island
Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout
Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter (hmm does everything taste better with bacon?)
Schlafly Coffee Stout
Surly Brewing Company Coffee Bender
The Sky Brewing Co. Cowboy Coffee Porter

These are just a few of the coffee flavored beers out there. You might want to consider some brew with your brew!