Bubble Tea

The Victor Crew came across something called Bubble Tea. So they just had to find out what this is! Here is what they found.

Bubble tea originated in Taiwan as a tea based drink. The tea is blended or shaken to form foam (the bubble). The tea can be blended with fruit or syrup or milk and then chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies are added. There can be many varieties of this drink. There are even other names like Pearl milk tea or Boba milk tea. Milk tea is just a combination of milk and tea (and perhaps sugar or honey and maybe some cardamom or salt as well.) So bubble tea can be milk tea or a fruit-flavored tea. Some shops may even combine fruit and milk and tea. It should be noted that most use non-dairy creamer or powdered dairy creamer. You may find some with fresh milk.

Stores may vary by using black tea or green tea. Most common black teas are oolong or Earl Grey; jasmine green tea is most common of green tea.

Jody Victor