Don’t Throw Away Those Used Tea Bags

There are some things you can do with those used tea bags. We have some suggestions for recycling them:

Use some wet tea bags to when you have minor burns or sunburns.
Place them over tired eyes to soothe them.
Soothe razor burns.
Sprinkle around rosebushes – the roses like tannins.
Put some used tea bags in the water with rice or pasta for a different flavor.
Save them up and dye some clothes for that vintage look.
Renew wood surfaces by wiping with some re-brewed tea bags.
Use re-brewed tea bags and rinse your hair and scalp.
Compost them.
Rub them on chapped lips.
Rub them on sore or bleeding gums.
Use to clean grease.
Mix the used leaves in your kitty’s litter box.
Saturate with peppermint essential oil and place in cabinets to deter pests and rodents.
Use to scrub your hands especially after handling garlic, onions, fish.
Soak your feet
Soak the rest of you and throw them in the tub.
Use to help with skin infections or warts.

Smart Mug

There is a new invention called the Ember Ceramic Mug from this past year from Ember Technologies. Maybe it can even be considered a “smart mug” because it can keep the temperature steady. Meant for drinking at home (not a travel mug), this mug is connected and will even let you know when your drink has reached the temperature you want. It holds 10 oz.

The price is $79.95. You can also purchase a Ceramic Mug Charging Coaster for 39.95 separately.

The Ember company also has a Travel Mug that sells for $149.95. They are also sold at Starbucks, Bestbuy, or Like the mug, the travel mug will also keep you informed of the temperature through the app.

Here is a cnet review:

Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d find out who has good ideas for the coffee or tea drinker in your life. Here are some links the Victor crew found:

From Rodale’s Organic Life we found there are 23 gifts on this site. They offer ideas like pour-over coffee makers, espresso makers, coffee cups, coffee, coffee go-withs, items made with coffee, coffee wearables, and decor.

European Coffee Trip has some different coffee makers, accessories, and subscription ideas.

PopSugar has some different gifts from cups to coffee makers.

The Victor crew discovered Chocolove has a candy bar called Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate. It is fantastic and has ground coffee right in the chocolate. YUM!

Now for Tea:
My Modern Met has some quirky gifts for the tea lover, some of which are absolutely lovely.

World Market has some nice items from tea kettles to tea to cups.

Plum Deluxe has some nice offerings for the tea lover as well.

Tisane / Herbal Tea

Sometimes we drink “real” tea and sometimes we drink “herbal” tea. So what is put in herbal tea. Some people prefer the term “tisane” overe “herbal tea.” The definition of tisane is “an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects.” If you were to do an internet search of “tisane” you would also get many sites about herbal tea. Tisane can also be defined as a tea made with anything other than tea leaves.

Tisanes are usually chosen for flavor profiles. It is often used by people who want a hot drink made without caffeine. Many tisanes are mixed with certain remedies in mind, such as stress relief, digestive discomfort, to reduce fevers, or other such remedy. If you are using this for certain conditions, you should see an experienced herbalist as some of the mixtures could cancel each other out.

Some tisanes are fruit based. Sometimes they are even mixed with real tea as it will change the flavor and spice it up. It may also help you not want to mix sweetener in your tea. You can read more about herbal teas on a previous post.


Starbucks has just announced it will be closing all 379 of its Teavana stores. Most are to be closed by Spring in 2018. Starbucks purchased the struggling Teavana in 2012. These closings will effect over 3000 workers.
Starbucks does say they are expanding their coffee stores and gradually add 240,000 jobs world-wide over the next five years. There will be major expansion in China as they expand their coffee-based shops.

Teavana stores are found mostly in malls. Starbucks will continue to sell Teavana products in their Starbucks shops.