Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Cold Brew Coffee is hanging on as an in-thing for coffee lovers. Everyone from Starbucks, to Dunkin’ Donuts to your local artisan coffee stop has a version of it. While there are plenty of cold brew kits out there, some starting as low as $18 dollars most people already own everything they need to make it.

There is a lot of information out there too. A quick search will reveal coffee enthusiasts discussing – and sometimes arguing – about what beans to use or filtered water vs. tap water or whether one should subscribe to the 8 or 12 or 24 hour soak.

However, the basics are simple and you can probably whip up a batch without buying anything but some decent coffee beans. This simple overnight process should give you a very drinkable cold brew at a fraction of the coffee shop price.

All you need is a Mason jar and a fine-mesh sieve or nut-milk bag, some tasty beans, and some coffee filters. Add water to your coffee in the Mason jar, stir, cover and leave it out overnight. In the morning filter the grounds through the sieve and use a coffee filter to pick up the silt. You’ll want to experiment with your grounds to water ratio and many recipes can be found online. Some say the perfect ratio is about 56 grams of coffee to 600 ml water.

The filtering process only takes about five minutes. You may want to cut the coffee with regular water if you make a stronger concentration. For bonus points, try making some coffee ice cubes with your homemade cold brew. A great way to keep your drink cool w/o diluting it.