Green Tea candy

Did you know that a popular treat in Japan is Maccha Green Tea Kit Kat? Imagine our surprise when we saw the familiar wafers covered in green instead of chocolate. You might find them in a Japanese grocery store. We found them on Amazon (along with hazelnut kit kat and sweet potato kit kat). You can also get a mixed flavor pack with Uji-Matcha, Red Bean Azuki, Strawberry Wa-ichigo, and Sakura Matcha. We also saw Cheese Cake Chocolate, Pancake flavor, Raspberry flavor, Shinshu Apple Chocolate, Strawberry Cheese Cake Chocolate, Pumpkin Pudding flavor, Apple Pie flavor, Kankitsu (citrus mix), Beni Imo (sweet purple potato), Houjicha (roasted green tea), Rum Raisin Chocolate, Wasabi, Pumpkin pudding. You can see them all here:

That got us to thinking how many more candies are made from green tea. Besides Kit Kats, we found some hard candies, green tea flavored chocolate, soft candies, chewy candies. You can find them here:

the Victor Crew