Have your coffee and protein too!

If you have a coffee maker that uses k-cups, there is something new for you to try. LonoLife has coffee pods that contain 10 grams of protein – more than a large egg. Each pod has Kona coffee along with collagen, an animal protein supplement that became popular with the Paleo diet movement. It is the main protein found in bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. Other coffees that contain protein use whey as the main protein.

LonoLife also has Beef Bone Broth with 10g protein for your Keurig. It is made from grass-fed cows. Maybe Chicken Bone Broth is your thing – they have that too. The chicken has 8g Protein. Perhaps you would like Thai Curry Beef with 10g Protein – with a lemongrass flavor.

Bonus: here is a link for gift ideas for coffee-lovers.