How much is a cup of coffee?

No. We’re not talking about price. We are talking about volume. Ever wonder why there is such a disparity among what your coffeemaker calls a cup and what your coffee mug holds?

To Americans, a cup is usually 8 ounces. A cup of coffee is usually considered 6 ounces. This seems to have come about from the size of small coffee cups that usually came with place settings back in the ’50s. Coffeemakers seemed to follow suit to use the 6 ounce measurements. Later on, mugs became the norm and they were usually 8-10 ounces. My desktop insulated mug holds about 20 ounces so by these measures I’m drinking about 3 1/3 cups per day.

Now here’s another wrench to throw in – some companies’ coffeemakers are only 5 ounces. I remember once having a Mr. Coffee that had only 5-ounce cups. There may still be some with that measurement out there.

So if you have a coffeemaker that holds 10 cups or 12 cups, it’s really 60 ounces or 72 ounces (going by the 6-ounce standard) not 80 or 96 ounces.

Jody Victor