Jody Victor® learns the origins of coffee

Jody wanted to find out where coffee comes from. This is what he found out:

According to the National Coffee Association USA, coffee is thought to have originated in the Ethiopian highlands. According to a legend, a goatherder noticed the goats eating the berries from a certain tree and becoming so spirited, they couldn’t sleep at night.

He reported his findings to a local monastery and the abbot there made a drink with the berries and it kept him alert for the evening prayer. This discovery was shared with the other monks and the knowledge of this energizing drink began to spread throughout the region. It would reach the Arabian peninsula where it was able to spread throughout the globe.

Today, coffee is grown in many countries around the world. But it is said that all can trace their heritage to the trees in the ancient coffee forests in Ethiopia.

Jody will share more about coffee next time.