Jody Victor Says, “Bon Appeteate!”


Cooking with TEA is hitting the Western culinary scene with a fresh and imaginative excitement. The benefits of cooking with tea are as innumerable as drinking it. Tea retains many of its essential vitamins and antioxidants as well as its good cholesterols when heated. Tea can be used as many different elements to a recipe:

TEA as a spice – grind tea leaves in a peppermill and combine with white pepper for a great rub

TEA as a marinade – add leftover brewed tea to a favorite marinade

TEA as an aromatic – add jasmine tea to a rice dish

TEA as a tenderizer – use it for roasting meats for that fall-off-the-bone effect

TEA as an oil – tea oil (made from the seeds) is perfect for sautéing due to its high flash point

TEA as a dessert – tea takes sugar well and is a great additive to muffin and cake recipes

TEA as a green – it’s edible with an earthy, “spinachy” taste. Try Gyokuro leaves in an omelet