Jody Victor Tells About Coffee and Dehydration

Being a coffee drinker myself, I was not happy to hear some time ago, that drinking coffee could possibly cause dehydration. Fortunately, I found the truth.

Scientists define coffee as a “mild diuretic.”  By drinking coffee you will increase your urine output and likely multiply your number of daily bathroom runs.

Until recently, though, scientists also generally agreed that drinking coffee causes dehydration. This seems logical – By urinating more often and in greater volume, you’re draining the body of precious fluids, right?

Wrong! According to exercise and environmental physiology experts in 2005, a study was conducted and the results published suggested that drinking moderate amounts of caffeine does not lead to dehydration.

Caffeine does create a diuretic effect in the body, but that’s not the same thing as whole body dehydration. What caffeine does is cause a brief increase in urine output followed by a decline. The same thing that would happen if you drank a liter of water. In the period immediately following, your urine output would increase and then eventually decline. After that feat, are you dehydrated?

The answer, of course, is no.

More research must be done to determine if high concentrations of caffeine or chronic coffee consumption leads to dehydration. So in the meantime, coffee drinkers, enjoy your java in moderation, and count each cup of coffee as roughly equivalent to the same amount of water.