New German coffee machine breaks all the molds

Jody Victor’s crew found that there’s a new coffee machine coming soon. It’s made by the German company Bonaverde. This machine not only makes the coffee. It not only grinds the beans. It roasts the beans as well. It starts with green coffee beans and with a single push of a button you get a cup of fresh black coffee. It was crowd-funded at KickStarter and SeedMatch. The price right now as a Christmas special is 299 EUR or about 368.30 USD – down from 399 EUR (491.48 USD). It is built by German engineers and took 2 years to finish.

So what is the advantage? For one, freshness. You get the beans straight from the farm. The coffee you buy in the store is already about 6 months old. In fact there was mention in their video they want to be in the Guiness World Book of Records for being the fastest coffee from farm to cup.