Your K-cup coffee maker broke. Now what do you do? Not to worry. The Victor crew found a blog post that gives you two methods to make it with your orphaned K-cups. There’s a pour-over technique and a tea-bag style technique.

For the pour-over, you need the K-cup, hot water, 2 cups or mugs, scissors. You remove the foil and empty the coffee into one of the cups. Using the scissors, cut off the bottom of the cup being careful not to cut through the filter. Put the hot water in the cup with the coffee and let it sit a few minutes. Pour the coffee into the clean cup through the filter you just used.

For a less messy procedure you may want to try this method. You need a K-cup, one cup or mug, a coffee filter, string, hot water. Open the K-cup and pour the grounds into a coffee filter. If you don’t have a filter, you can use a clean paper towel. Twist the filter and tie with the string and brew like you would tea for a few minutes.