Coffee People: the Zine

There’s a new zine for coffee lovers. It is by, for, and about coffee people. These are artists. Coffee artists. Think baristas. Started by Kat Melheim, a Denver, Colorado barista, the zine focuses on everything coffee. Noticing that those involved in the coffee industry also have side art projects, she wanted to focus on the creativity of them. She wanted to connect coffee people to each other through their related fields.

She is currently taking submissions for the next zine. For more info see her website.

You can listen to her podcast on SoundCloud.

Coffee in a Cone or #coffeeinacone

While trolling the Internet, the Victor crew came across an interesting new thing. A barista named Dayne Levinrad from South Africa came up with a way to serve coffee in an ice cream cone. Right now it is being touted as the most Instagrammed coffee.

It took a while for him to come up with the right formulation since chocolate melts when it is hot. In the beginning the cones melted right away. He now makes his cones using four layers of different chocolates. He has a patent pending for his invention.

Using his past digital marketing experience, he came up with a viral way to promote his design.

Here are links from the top social media sites to see what it looks like: