So let’s take the fun out of coffee

How do we do that? We look at “A chemistry teacher’s guide to the perfect cup of coffee.” Sure there is science to putting the ingredients together but would you go to this extreme?

The article starts out talking about coffee bitterness and how adding a little salt may help counteract the bitterness. Then it goes on to figure out a better way. They get very precise about the coffee to water balance. It goes on about brewing time, temperature, type of coffee, type of grinding, milk and sugar in coffee.

If you are into the actual science behind a cup of coffee, this may be a good read for you.

Jody Victor

Have you ever heard of Cold Brew coffee?

So how does it work? According to Todd Simpson, time replaces the heat factor in brewing cold brew and that high temperatures release undesirable elements of flavor. Cold water brewing leaves the bitter oils and fatty acids behind.

You make a cold-brewed coffee concentrate and it takes about 12-18 hours to brew and will stay fresh up to 2 weeks. When you are ready to serve, simply use 1 part of the concentrate to 2-3 parts hot water, milk or soy to make as strong or weak as you want.

The cold-brewed coffee maker on his site, retails for $39.50.