Jody Victor® finds out about coffee grinders

There are 2 types of coffee grinders: blade or burr. Which is better? Jody wanted to know. Here is what he found out.

There are basically 2 types of coffee grinders: blade and burr.

Blade grinders. This is the least expensive type of grinder. It uses a blade to cut up the beans. The fineness of the grind is dependent on how long you let the grinder run. The resulting grounds can be uneven giving an inconsistent brew. If you let it run for a long time to get a finer ground, it can get hotter than you want giving the brew a burned taste. These are for basic use but be careful of how you grind them.

Burr grinders. This type of grinder crushes the beans between a non-moving surface and a grinding wheel. The position on the burr regulates the ground size. There are 2 types of burr grinders.

  • Wheel burr – The wheel spins fast and it can be noisy and more messy. This is the least expensive.
  • Conical burr – This is the best grinder you can get. The burr spins slower so they are quieter and less messy. You can use this type grinder for oilier or flavored coffees with less likelihood of clogging. You will pay a lot more for this type.