First Ever Cup of Excellence Auction, Indonesia

At the first ever Cup of Excellence auction in Indonesia, buyers from all over the world to turned up. Bidders paid up to $30USD a pound on average for 26 different varieties of Indonesia’s best coffees.

In total bidders paid out over $360,000 for the 26 micro-lots available at the auction. Wataru, Japanese coffee trader, made the winning bid for six of the choicest lots. This included an $80 per pound pledge Wataru made on behalf of their client Yamatoya Coffee for the most valued lot at the auction.

This highly valued coffee is a honey-processed product. It is a blend of the Ateng, P88 and Gayo 1 varieties grown by Dilen Ali Gogo on the Aceh island. Yamatoya, the purchasers, plan to promote it as the best Indonesian coffee.

A Wataru representative stated that Indonesia is a favored country of origin for coffee connoisseurs in Japan. He said that their coffee has a special sweet and earthy flavor that is also spicy. While Sumatra is the most well-known, there are many islands producing very good coffee.

The five most cherished lots were bought from representatives from six different countries. The organizers of the auction also noted that Indonesia’s own roasting company and coffee supplier called Kopikina Coffee was represented at the auction as well. They purchased a lot from Java Bawat, grown by Saeful Hadi.