Why drink it when you can wear it?

Wear what, you may ask? This is a coffee blog. Wear your caffeine, of course!

The Jody Victor crew found an IndieGoGo item called Joule. It is a caffeinated bracelet. The bracelet comes in three colors: black, red, and blue. You put a patch on the bracelet and the caffeine will enter through your skin. They say it will not stain your skin. One patch is equal to a cup of coffee.

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Inhaling caffeine

You may have heard of e-cigarettes – those battery-powered vaporizers that let you feel like you are smoking (called vaping). There are varied reasons for using them such as curiosity, someone they know was using them, they were given them, trying to quit smoking, belief they are safer than cigarettes.

So why the talk of e-cigarettes? Well, now you can get caffeine-inhalers. This is kind of a merger between e-cigarettes and triple-shot lattes. They are disposable and run about $8.99 to deliver about 500 puffs. They do deliver less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Thanks … but we like our coffee liquid, not gas!

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Does “decaf” mean no caffeine?

Not on your life! Jody‘s crew found out that most decaf coffees contain up to 3% caffeine. That might not sound like a lot but depending on what types of beans, that can vary. We found a great article about it and you can read more about this at FoxNews.com. It will explain how Arabica beans have less caffeine than Robusto and some other interesting information.

In other news, would you drink coffee knowing the beans were eaten by elephants and then extracted from their dung. Made in Thailand by a company called Black Ivory Coffee, you can purchase the equivalent of 30 espresso cups worth for a mere $275! We talked about it in an earlier post but you can find out some new info from Forbes.com.

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Caffeine Info-Graphic

There is a great article about caffeine called 14 Surprising Facts About Caffeine, Explained by Scientists. Scientists/Lab Technicians are said to drink the most coffee.

In their graphics, they show what the caffeine molecule formula looks like, what caffeine looks like under an electron microscope (very colorful!), how coffee affects your brain, the difference of what beer vs. coffee does, and other affects on your body.

There is also an interesting graphic of how a spider spins his web on various substances along with coffee.

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