The next big thing in coffee …

Is coffee flour. Coffee flour is made from the usually discarded berries that surround the coffee beans. Usually these are just discarded. Someone has come up with a way to turn these berries into flour. This puts less waste into streams, soil, and landfills.

Why coffee flour? The claims are it has 5 times more fiber than whole grain wheat flour, 84% less fat and 42% more fiber than coconut flour, 3 times more protein per gram than fresh kale, 3 times more iron than fresh spinach, more iron than any grain or cereal in the USDA database, less caffeine than brewed coffee, and 1 oz has 2 times the potassium of a banana. It is also gluten-free.

There are chefs working on recipes now for pasta, pastries, etc. It doesn’t taste like coffee but more has more floral, citrus and roasted fruit flavored notes.

The only bad thing … we have to wait until next year for the commercial roll-out of this product.

Jody Victor