Alexa and Coffee

The Victor crew came across this cute video that some college students came up with. Using a coffee pot and Alexa via a Raspberry Pi hooked to a microphone, they can ask the coffee maker for the weather. They added two arms: one places the filter in place and the other scoops the grounds. Not a very good job though. It also cannot be asked to start the brew process. They added googly eyes to the top and as the weather report is given, it looks like it’s actually giving the weather report.

Here’s a new concept in making coffee

The GINA smart coffee instrument by Goat Story is now on kickstarter. As of today there are 45 more days to back it. So what makes this one different? The Victor crew will give a synopsis:

First of all, this instrument has a built-in scale and an app. It will also brew coffee as pour-over, immersion, or cold drip. WHAT?! The only thing it doesn’t do is grind.

So there is a Bluetooth scale that will show amounts on the app on your phone so you can make sure you have the right ratio of water to coffee. You can save your data and even share it. There is a valve that allows you to choose which brewing technique you prefer: open it for pour-over, close it for immersion, or set the drop flow for cold drip. Note: Cold brew will still take 8 1/2 hours to make. One drawback is it will only make 10 oz. using any method. They claim it would destabilize the construction. They recommend you make it stronger and add more water after you pour it.

If you were early, you could have gotten Gina for $145; there are 7 left for $160; you can pledge $175, $200 (you’ll also get a mug and specialty beans), $290 (2 Gina coffee makers), $540 (4 Gina coffee makers), $550 (one gold-plated Gina), or $990 (9 Gina coffee makers). You can also just pledge $25 for a Gina mug.

Pour over with GINA

Immersion with GINA

Cold Brew with GINA

Find out more here.

French Press redesigned

Duo Coffee Steeper
This new boutique coffee press, the Duo Coffee Steeper, is like a French press with a twist. It has two chambers. You place the grounds in the top chamber. Add your filtered water. You can twist it to make the coffee as strong or weak as you want. You can use this baby to make regular coffee, cold brew, or even steep loose tea. You will need the special tea filter for loose-leaf tea.

This pot is just glass, stainless steel (the good kind), and silicone. It comes in three colors (middle ring): cool grey, deep blue, and maroonish. They are made and sold in batches only. At this writing there are 1028 left in this batch. Own one for $99.00.

Coffee: There’s an App for that!

Yes, it’s finally happened. There is now an iPhone connected coffee maker. You can schedule the Poppy Pour-Over to brew your coffee from the Wink app. Even order refills of beans, water filters and coffee filters delivered by Amazon when the machine detects you’re running low.

It has a burr grinder to grind the beans. It has a glass double-walled carafe. You can adjust temperature, grind size, and brew time. It makes 10-oz or 20-oz servings.

Happy brewing.

Jody Victor