Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d find out who has good ideas for the coffee or tea drinker in your life. Here are some links the Victor crew found:

From Rodale’s Organic Life we found there are 23 gifts on this site. They offer ideas like pour-over coffee makers, espresso makers, coffee cups, coffee, coffee go-withs, items made with coffee, coffee wearables, and decor.

European Coffee Trip has some different coffee makers, accessories, and subscription ideas.

PopSugar has some different gifts from cups to coffee makers.

The Victor crew discovered Chocolove has a candy bar called Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate. It is fantastic and has ground coffee right in the chocolate. YUM!

Now for Tea:
My Modern Met has some quirky gifts for the tea lover, some of which are absolutely lovely.

World Market has some nice items from tea kettles to tea to cups.

Plum Deluxe has some nice offerings for the tea lover as well.

Here’s the latest about coffee, Jody.

Starting June 25, Starbucks will post calorie counts in beverages and pastries. Ouch!

Bad news if you are in a creative field: although caffeine “boosts energy and decreases fatigue…” if you are looking for creativity, you need to relax your brain.

Caffeine withdrawal is now listed as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association.

See what coffee makers make the 2013 Top Rated.