Coffee With a Cop

Last year, we mentioned a story about Coffee with a Cop in Fitchburg, WI. It seems to have caught up with Canton, Ohio as well. Coffee with Cop is an initiative started by the U.S. Justice Department. Since September, there have been about 8 meetings between local residents and police. It has given the public a chance to give feedback to local law enforcement. There will be another meeting Saturday, May 24 from 10-12 noon at McDonald’s on Ford Road. Coffee is free!

These meetings give the public to see and speak to policemen without just seeing them driving by on their patrols.

You can read more about it here.

Jody Victor

Couple of interesting coffee stories

Here’s a novel idea:
If you find yourself in Sydney, Australia, you can get a free coffee in the month of June from 9-11 am at the Metro St. James. There’s a little catch, though. You have to kiss. Not the barristas but you come in with the one you love and kiss. A real kiss – they can tell if it’s a fake.

Another news item:
If you are in Fitchburg, Wisconsin this Saturday, you can have “Coffee with a Cop.”

~ Jody Victor