I Tried Ready-made Cold Brew and Didn’t Hate It

After a recent trip, this member of the Victor Crew wanted to drink cold brew coffee but wasn’t able to make any.

The first one was at a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. One of the more popular brands of coffee in Portland is Stumptown. It is not inexpensive. The 10 oz bottle of cold brew cost $4.50, but it was very good. Given a glass and half and half, I was able to make it tasty.

The other time I bought cold brew was from a Dunkin’ Donuts and had them add half and half. It wasnt as tasty as the more expensive one but it was pretty good as well.

The only other time I tried ready-made cold brew was from a Starbucks. It was actually too strong for me and they left no room to add a lightener.

Cold Brew Recipes

No we don’t necessarily mean different ways to make cold brew but what you can do with cold brew too. Here are a few ideas:

To the concentrated cold brew, you can add 3 parts coconut water to 1 part cold brew concentrate.

Add 6 TB sweetened condensed milk to 2 cups of cold brew to make into popsicles.

Use in recipes that ask for coffee but heat it up.

Make an extra batch of cold brew and turn them into ice cubes so you don’t dilute your coffee.

Experiment with different milks like cashew milk, almond milk, macadamia nut milk. You can also experiment with different extracts or spices like cinnamon or cardamom.

We’ve even tried it in banana smoothies.

Cold Brew when traveling

It seems everywhere you look these days, more and more shops are offering cold brew. We have had several posts about how to make it. What if you don’t have time or are traveling? What then? Here are some ideas.

If you are staying at someone’s house and if they have the room, you can get cold brew coffee packs from Dunkin’ Donuts. It looks like this is a more concentrated coffee as they have you add water after brewing it.

Stumptown Roasters has taken their cold brew a little further and make a Sparkling Cold Brew. It comes in a few different flavors: Original, Ginger Citrus, Honey Lemon. If you order online, it will cost $20 for a 6-pack sampler of all the flavors or $40 for a 12 pack of any one flavor. The cans are 12 oz each.

If you are traveling, you can find cold brew in just about any major coffee shop like Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Stumptown, etc.

More and more people are switching to cold brew

Cold brew coffee may take hours but more people are discovering the smoothness of this coffee. It’s so easy to make yourself at home that you don’t need to spend the extra money at the local coffee shops. Millennials are adopting it more.

The StarTribune featured an article about the switch over to cold brew that is gripping our nation. It is a matter of taste. As the acids are not present in cold brew, some people are missing that bite. We think it a plus, especially if you suffer from acid reflux. With the acids missing, you can once again have your favorite coffee.

Some opt to make it so they can drink it straight and some make it more concentrated and dilute it as they go to have more available.

Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Cold Brew Coffee is hanging on as an in-thing for coffee lovers. Everyone from Starbucks, to Dunkin’ Donuts to your local artisan coffee stop has a version of it. While there are plenty of cold brew kits out there, some starting as low as $18 dollars most people already own everything they need to make it.

There is a lot of information out there too. A quick search will reveal coffee enthusiasts discussing – and sometimes arguing – about what beans to use or filtered water vs. tap water or whether one should subscribe to the 8 or 12 or 24 hour soak.

However, the basics are simple and you can probably whip up a batch without buying anything but some decent coffee beans. This simple overnight process should give you a very drinkable cold brew at a fraction of the coffee shop price.

All you need is a Mason jar and a fine-mesh sieve or nut-milk bag, some tasty beans, and some coffee filters. Add water to your coffee in the Mason jar, stir, cover and leave it out overnight. In the morning filter the grounds through the sieve and use a coffee filter to pick up the silt. You’ll want to experiment with your grounds to water ratio and many recipes can be found online. Some say the perfect ratio is about 56 grams of coffee to 600 ml water.

The filtering process only takes about five minutes. You may want to cut the coffee with regular water if you make a stronger concentration. For bonus points, try making some coffee ice cubes with your homemade cold brew. A great way to keep your drink cool w/o diluting it.