What makes coffee good or bad?

The Victor crew came across this video about coffee called “How ‘Bad’ Coffee Took Over America”. Taste in coffee is subjective but there are people who say it isn’t. There is coffee certification test that tasters take.

In a process known as “cupping” they taste the coffee and give it a rating. The rating is based on fragrance, aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, overall impressions, sweetness, balance, and the clean cup. If the coffee scores 80% or higher it is called a specialty grade coffee. Anything below is considered bad coffee.

Coffee drinking in America dates back to the Boston Tea Party, where drinking tea after that was considered unpatriotic.

Buying the best coffee beans

In an article by Men’s Journal, we found some good advice about buying coffee beans. According to Todd Carmichael, who searches for the best coffee beans in Travel Channel’s Dangerous Grounds, these tips will help you choose the best beans for you.

Find your flavor profile. He says there are 3 categories: bitter chocolate (earthy or bold), nutty sweet (walnut or honey), and acidic fruit (lemon or lime).

Experiment. Sign up for a subscription program with some roasters or a craft coffee maker.

Buy Direct (never from grocer). He states that buying coffee from a grocer is like buying fish in a shoe store. Use your phone or buy on internet.

Brew better instantly. He claims the ratio should be 1 gram coffee for every 17 grams of water.

~ Jody Victor