There is an old beverage that some people used to use as a coffee alternative. Jody Victor‘s crew wanted to find out more about it. This is what we found:

Back in the late 1800s, C. W. Post developed an alternative to coffee called Postum. Caffeine was viewed as unhealthy so Post developed this as a more healthy alternative to coffee. It is made of roasted wheat bran, wheat, and molasses. It is caffeine-free and fat-free, as well as kosher. The Postum Cereal Company became General Foods and then was purchased by Kraft Foods.

When coffee was rationed in WWII, it rose in popularity. They used cartoons to get people to drink it with Mister Coffee Nerves showing irritability or lack of sleep or athleticism due to caffeine. It also became popular to the Mormon church and Seventh-day Adventists because of the lack of caffeine.

Kraft discontinued Postum in 2007. In 2012, Kraft licensed the Postum trademark to Eliza’s Quest Food and now you can purchase the original Postum in limited stores or online.