Cold Brew

We’ve talked about cold brew coffee before. The Victor crew loves it! Using the Hario brewer, we were very happy. But alas! Our rather thin glass pot broke. Twice. We had bought a second pot to get this less bitter, less acidic coffee but it, too, broke. So now we have 2 cold brew filters but no pot. We found, although not optimal, we can use a quart mason jar! So by buying a pack of 4 mason jars, we can keep cold brew going ahead of time all the time! Yes! Since cold brew can keep up to a week, I can even have all four jars going as long as I drink them in order. Of course after your 12 hour brewing time, you can use the tight seals that come with mason jars to cover them a little better to keep out the flavors from the refrigerator.

Here is a picture (you can see one of the broken Hario pots in the background.) The filter top doesn’t fit as snugly as we would like but after it’s brewed we use the mason jar top and ring to keep it fresh.

Cold Brew in a Mason Jar

Cold Brew

So the Victor crew tried cold brew. A couple of us tried the method using a mason jar. This method worked fine but seemed a little messy. One of us used a regular coffee filter and strainer to get the grinds out and one of used a few layers of cheesecloth around the top screwed on with the open mason-jar screw-on part. Both worked fine but we found the grounds a bit messy.

So what did we do? We bought the Hario cold-brew system. It is fairly inexpensive and handles those grounds a bit better. It comes with a permanent filter that is removable. It has a screw off bottom so you can dump the grounds right into the garbage can. Adding our favorite sweeteners and lighteners make it a very good cup.