Coffee is safe after all

According to a new study by BMJ (formerly British Medical Journal), three to five cups of coffee intake was found to be beneficial, except for pregnant women. They do not suggest that doctors should recommend coffee consumption, however.

The amount is maxxed out at five cups. Any more than that are of no benefit and may even reduce or reverse the benefit. In terms of caffeine that is less than 400mg of caffeine/day. Pregnant women should keep their intake to less than 200mg/day of caffeine.

Some of the health benefits believed to be from coffee include incidence of an mortality from cardiovascular disease, incidence of cancer, fatty liver disease (non-alcoholic), diabetes, and cirrhosis.

Coffee and your health

Jody Victor‘s crew came across a couple interesting articles relating coffee or coffee products and some particular health issues.

In one article from, they spoke of a new study that people of 1914 may have had worse memory than people a century earlier. So what is the difference? They are saying the reason is partially hydrogenated oil also known as trans fats. They were cheaper than butter. What does this have to do with coffee? Well, it could be in your coffee creamer as well as with many go-withs such as donuts, crackers and other foods.

In another article from

Good News for Tea or Coffee Drinkers!

Drinking 4 cups of tea or coffee a day is BETTER than not drinking any at all. This article tells us that:

  • People who drink a lot of tea/coffee have lower blood pressure
  • More than 4 cups a day drinkers have lower heart rates
  • Those who drink NO coffee/tea have highest blood pressure levels
  • Flavinoids in tea could help relax blood vessels which reduces blood pressure

So go ahead and pour that next cup!
~ Jody Victor