Hot Summer, Hot Coffee

There is nothing wrong with drinking hot coffee in the summer. In fact if you aren’t quite to the point of sweating yet, it can be a good thing.

You see, the way our bodies cool is by sweating. The sweat then evaporates from our skin and that is what cools us off. When you drink something hot, your stomach sensors get active and send signals you are hot to your hypothalamus. It then reacts by overcompensating with sweat.

If you are very hot and sweaty already – go ahead and drink your coffee cold because it won’t help.


Hot vs. Cold Coffee

Some people like their coffee hot while some like it cold. There is a difference between iced coffee and cold brew so mistake the two for the same thing. Iced coffee is put on ice after it has been hot brewed. Cold brew never sees warm water.

  • Hot coffee has more antioxidants than cold brew.
  • Most cold brew has less caffeine.
  • Hot coffee makes you feel warm and cozy. People have warmer feelings toward someone holding a hot cup of coffee.
  • Coffee can help prevent having a heart attack.
  • A whiff of coffee brewing in the morning can help wake you up and make you feel less stress.