How Italians do Coffee

Italians have certain ways of drinking their coffee. It’s different than how we drink coffee here in the states.

Here are some things that might be confusing:

For instance, if you order a “latte” you will get milk.

A bar is a cafe. They drink coffee standing up at a bar. If you sit down you get upcharged for the seat. (The price could double or triple if you sit.) Pay for the coffee before ordering.

Don’t drink cappuccino after noon – or even 11 a.m. At least not if you don’t want to be pegged as a tourist. If you order it, you will probably get it but don’t expect to blend in.

If you order caffe, you will get espresso.

The closest you may come to what we are used to is Caffe Americano – but it may come either with a small pitcher of hot water for you to dilute it yourself or a regular coffee.

What you might not find is cold brew coffee. Some regions have something they call Caffe Shakerato where they dissolve sugar in and then put the hot espresso over ice and shake to quickly cool it. Or you can just get a caffe freddo or iced coffee.

Here are some sites to find out more:

Pocket Coffee

Pocket Coffee? What is that?

Well, Jody, on a trip to Italy a few years ago, I came across this delightful confection. It was just sitting on the counter like we have here in America trying to get those whim purchases. It is concentrated espresso covered by dark chocolate. Heaven! There is nothing like this readily available in America. It is made by the Ferrero company (Ferrero Rocher and Nutella). Three of these candies equal one shot of espresso. They are only made from October to April so they are considered seasonal.

They are available online from and They are a little pricey but oh so good!