The Future of Coffee Growing Land

New research from Switzerland brings new evidence to the conversation about the land coffee is grown on—the study found that climate change will reduce land suitable for growing coffee by 50% by 2050.

Specifically, the researchers’ analysis found that land with the best suitability for coffee growing in the world’s five largest coffee-growing countries will be reduced by 50% by climate change under all scenarios. Moderately suitable land will be reduced by more than 30%.

The new study repeats, almost exactly, the warning a 2014 study made, that lands for growing coffee will be cut in half by the middle of the new century. This is a serious warning about the sustainability of the coffee industry.

The study comes from Zurich University of Applied Sciences. It was led by Roman Gruter. The study used data from fourteen global climate models and three scenarios of future emission predictions. It estimated the effects on the land and soil for crops. It considered things like slop, texture and pH.

The study also looked at the future land availability for crops like avocados and cashews. However, the study found that coffee lands happen to be in the most danger from climate change.