NPO World Coffee Research Changes Focus

NPO World Coffee Research is making dramatic change in its focus of operations. It will increase investments in breeding, nursery and seed development and begin to move away from coffee variety trials.

The NPO has shut down its Global Coffee Monitoring Program, which had been a complex global network of on-farm variety trials.

World Coffee Research stated that their goal was to pinpoint their focus on their primary strength—improving and modernizing the industry for the benefit of farmers and the industry.

World Coffee Research also stated that their variety monitoring program would continue in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Philippines, Peru and Nicaragua. National research institutes and local organizations that WCR has worked with have plans to continue their work in other countries.

The Global Coffee Monitoring Program began in 2016 with 10 year, $18 million plan. After a 2020 consultation that included hundreds of interviews and almost a thousand surveys stakeholders decided on a new directions for the NPO between 2021-2025.


Coffee News

Yesterday the Victor crew read an article about how freezing the coffee beans before grinding and using them to get a more uniform grind. If the beans are kept cold right up the time they are ground. As coffee heats up, the beans don’t grind as evenly.

Today we read how some warehouses are starting to roll out coffee that could have been stored as far back as the Bush administration. Many coffee roasters won’t purchase beans more than a year old because they lose their flavor. The oldest beans are going to bulk and instant-coffee roasters and to companies that supply institutions, hotels, vending machines. Some may be roasted longer or combined with newer beans to help mask the taste.

What’s a coffee-lover to do?