Coffee in a different way

Once in a while, the Victor crew likes to find some quirky articles or gadgets. We found one!

In Santa Monica, CA, there is a company trying to get off the ground called Warbler Coffee Roasting. They have been in business for a year and half all without a brick-and-mortar store. Their latest venture is to create a roving kegcycle. They want to make a cart to “pedal” (peddle) nitro-brew coffee.

They have tallied up their start up costs and started an indiegogo campaign. They are looking for $12,000 of a flexible goal toward their Nitro Bike. They have a little over $8000 of their goal met.

A New Coffee Craze

The crazes seem to just keep coming. This latest one is nitro coffee. This is coffee that is cold and bubbly. It is infused with nitrogen and sometimes carbon dioxide under high pressure, then chilled in a keg and served on tap. It makes a head just like beer. The bubbles make it rich and creamy. This is taking cold brew a little further. Some say it has a chocolate flavor to it and some say it tastes a little like beer. We suppose it depends on the brew that is used.

So where can you try this? Well, Stumptown Coffee sells it in a can so you can possibly find it at a grocery store. Unfortunately, unless you have the setup to nitrogenate your coffee, you’ll have to find it at your local coffee brewer.

The Victor Crew