Today is International Coffee Day!

Coffee is certainly something to celebrate! It’s a day to bring coffee lovers globally to share their love of coffee. We also need to remember the farmers it takes to bring us this wonderful brew.

This year, the International Coffee Organization would like to focus on the fact that despite the higher prices for coffee, farmers are not all paid a fair wage for their work. This in turn puts the availability of coffee at risk since the coffee farmers cannot even provide for their families through their work.

There are a lot of people involved in making that cup of coffee. Starting with the farmers, the pickers, the washers, the dryers, sorting and grading, then the roasters, assessing for flavor. Then the stores, the employees, the addons like sugar and creamer.

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Coffee News

Yesterday the Victor crew read an article about how freezing the coffee beans before grinding and using them to get a more uniform grind. If the beans are kept cold right up the time they are ground. As coffee heats up, the beans don’t grind as evenly.

Today we read how some warehouses are starting to roll out coffee that could have been stored as far back as the Bush administration. Many coffee roasters won’t purchase beans more than a year old because they lose their flavor. The oldest beans are going to bulk and instant-coffee roasters and to companies that supply institutions, hotels, vending machines. Some may be roasted longer or combined with newer beans to help mask the taste.

What’s a coffee-lover to do?