Waka Coffee & Tea Revamps Its Premium Instant Brand

Instant, freeze-dried coffee and tea company Waka Coffee & Tea is expanding its staff, distribution, and of most interest to consumers their product line as they come into a fresh $725,000 investment.

The Cali-based coffee concern is going to release a refreshed brand with new packaging marketing lingo usually reserved for specifically coffee and not instant. Waka does this in hopes of finding some space both on typical grocery store shelves as well as pantries across the U.S.

Waka was founded in 2018 by David Kovalevsk. So far, they’ve mostly had success through Amazon sales but recently brought their products to the international market through the California online health and wellness retail platform iHerb.

Waka isn’t the only company in recent years that made a go of making specialty coffee instant coffee. Other companies include Swift Cup, Sudden Coffee and Voila. Unfortunately, both Voila and Sudden are no longer in operation.

Waka founder Kovalevski stated that around the world instant coffee maintains its popularity, it is in the U.S. market where consumers are only familiar with sub-par legacy brands of instant coffee. Kovalevski said it is an opportunity to show U.S. consumers that “specialty” and “premium” coffee can be instant coffee.

Waka’s package redesign has several purposes. First, they are making the new packaging as light weight as possible for shipping purposes. Using new, simple graphics reinforce the effortless nature of the premium, instant coffee brand as well as strongly highlighting Waka’s promise to donate 4% of their profits to clean water projects.