Different Brewing Methods

Jody Victor‘s crew found an article from PasteMagazine.com where they compare 7 different brewing methods and their different results.

French Press
This method comprises of putting grounds in the pitcher (you need a special French press brewer), adding heated water and letting it steep for about 5 minutes. When done, push the strainer down and you have your coffee. If you steep longer, you have increase the amount of caffeine. This could also cause a rise (up to 8% to 10%) in cholesterol.

Instant Mix
Ground coffee and water and voila you have a cup of coffee. They say this isn’t technically coffee so you are missing the benefits of real coffee.

Single Serve
This encompasses all the K-cup type makers. The coffee is preground and ready to go. They found aluminum pods alter the flavor, so use plastic packaging.

This was created in the 1940s. It’s similar to a standard drip machine because hot water is poured over grounds. The filter is different than stardard drip because it is thicker. This results in smoother texture and purer flavor with fewer fatty oils.

Cold Brew
This method uses cold water and is steeped up to 12 hours. Cool water brings out the natural flavors that are lost in hot water. It also takes away some acids so it could help those who suffer from heart burn or reflux. You can make it stronger and add heated water for that hot cup.

Standard Drip
This is the most common brewer found in homes. The filter absorbs most of the oils that effect cholesterol and it’s a healthy method.

The Cowboy Method
This method uses a pot over a flame. Just before the water with the coffee beans starts to boil, you sprinkle cool water in the pot and pour into your cup. This is good for camping or outdoors.