Tea Expert Taste Test

A few weeks ago, we brought a video from Epicurious of a coffee expert tasting and talking about coffee. This week the Victor crew found another video from Epicurious with a tea expert talking about the different teas as he tastes it.

He opens up tea bags and talks about the types of tea he sees, smells, and feels. He makes the tea and then slurps it in a particular way to aerate it and taste it better. He talks about the packaging – bag vs sachet, for instance.

He tries several different teas that come in different ways. He was even caught wrong in one of the tastings.

Coffee Expert Taste Test

The Victor crew came across this Epicurious video that shows a coffee expert looking at and explaining sets of coffee beans put before him. It is really interesting to see what he is explaining as he looks at the fresh beans, makes the coffee, explains roasting etc.

He tells how to taste coffee, characteristics of the coffee. He is clearly able to choose the more expensive coffee of each set of 2 coffees. He gives tips like looking for “roasted on date” rather than “best by date”. The only thing is you see the prices of the coffee but not what brand/origin the coffee it is.

Coffee Snobs

Are you a coffee snob? Some people call themselves coffee snobs and think they know a lot about coffee. So somebody put them to the test to see if they could guess the prices of the coffee they were drinking. They started with Starbucks for $2.45 then there was expensive Intelligentsia coffee for $7.00 a cup and commissary coffee at a price of $5.00. Lastly, there was 7-Eleven coffee for $1.79.

The Victor Crew

Fast food coffee test

Jody’s crew came across an interesting video from BuzzFeed. Some coffee lovers tried coffee from Dunkin Donuts, Panera, Burger King, Starbucks, McDonalds, 7 Eleven. There were six people in sets of two who tried the coffee. It was interesting to hear the comments they made while drinking it.

The winner for four of the testers was Starbucks while the winner for the last two was McDonalds. One fellow even gargled his coffee and declared it wasn’t so bad when he did that.

Watch the video here: