Tisane / Herbal Tea

Sometimes we drink “real” tea and sometimes we drink “herbal” tea. So what is put in herbal tea. Some people prefer the term “tisane” overe “herbal tea.” The definition of tisane is “an infusion (as of dried herbs) used as a beverage or for medicinal effects.” If you were to do an internet search of “tisane” you would also get many sites about herbal tea. Tisane can also be defined as a tea made with anything other than tea leaves.

Tisanes are usually chosen for flavor profiles. It is often used by people who want a hot drink made without caffeine. Many tisanes are mixed with certain remedies in mind, such as stress relief, digestive discomfort, to reduce fevers, or other such remedy. If you are using this for certain conditions, you should see an experienced herbalist as some of the mixtures could cancel each other out.

Some tisanes are fruit based. Sometimes they are even mixed with real tea as it will change the flavor and spice it up. It may also help you not want to mix sweetener in your tea. You can read more about herbal teas on a previous post.