What is High Tea?

We as Americans often think of tea time being around 4 o’clock and involving tea, small sandwiches, pastries, and the like. We need to delve a little bit into England’s culture to see what it really is all about. Here is what the Victor crew found out:

The richer people of England had what is known as afternoon or low tea. That consisted mainly as bridge between the breakfast meal and the late night meal around 8pm. It became a social event in which upper middle class, upper class women would have tea on lower sofas.

The working classes would come home around six in the evening famished. They would sit at tables and have their “high tea”. Here we just call it supper or dinner. High tea sounds lofty so we assign a different meaning to it.

The English High Tea would have a mug of tea, bread, vegetables, cheese and, on occasion, meat. So Afternoon Tea was a social event for the upper classes and High Tea was a meal for the working classes. When the upper class had High Tea, they combined the Afternoon too and high tea by adding pigeon, salmon, and fruit.

Some places in England refer to their Afternoon Tea as High Tea only because of the many foreigners that come there from overseas.

Source: http://www.afternoontea.co.uk/information/what-is-high-tea/

Jody Victor